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Happy Birthday to My Mom

Marie Louise Gartside Bates and Carolyn Bates in Maui

Marie Louise Gartside Bates
May 1, 1918-2016

When I look back at my time spent with my mom, one of my favorite memories is the day we spent holding hands, laughing and jumping the waves in Maui, Hawaii, 1992.

Last week I started to look through old photos looking for one to use for Facebook for my mom’s birthday May 1.  And voila, there was one from Maui. The color was ghastly, so I made it black and white. And to my surprise the photo was a perfect memory of that day.

 Every time I look at the newly framed photo, I think of how very fortunate I am to have a mom who taught me many, many wonderful things that I still do today. I still test a grapefruit to see if it is ripe by squeezing it. For store made dresses I roll up the material, squeeze and release it to see if it wrinkles, letting me know that it is made of cheap material.  Protecting our water and our lake is a huge passion of mine as it was hers. Renovating my home, yet another.  However I can’t seem to shake burning food on the stove! Gad. Mom, I still love you! Even with several burned pots hiding out in the closet!

Love you Mom.


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