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Independent Film Watch: The Summer of Walter Hacks

b2ap3_thumbnail_SOWH_PICS_12.jpgWhen I found out about "The Summer of Walter Hacks", I was excited to find out how I can see this film. George Woodward is very very funny, natural talent. Watch the Trailer! About the Film: The rural world of the early 1950s represented hard work and hard lives for many. In the Northeast, there were tens of thousands of working farms. Each re...
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Wilmington Strong

wilmingtonstrong.jpgOut of the Rubble: Wilmington Two Years After Irene Posted on Sep 27, 2013 • By Katherine P. Cox • Unless you were there, just by looking around, it’s hard to fathom that barely two years ago the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Irene unleashed devastating floodwaters that raged through Wilmington, ravaged downtown, and left no business untouched. B...
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New Book by Doug Keister

Heart-Land: Growing Up in the Middle of EverythingI just recieved a new email from DougKeister about his latest book and just had to share it! "This week, my 41st book, HEART-LAND: GROWING UP IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING went live. Heart-Land is about growing up in Nebraska in the 1950s, but it really appeals to anyone who grew up in a simpler time. Heart-Land is both funny and heartwarming. If yo...
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9,000 Fallen Soldiers Etched into the Sand on Normandy Beach to Commemorate Peace Day September 25, 2013


Our politicians can close the Memorials to WWII but the French in Normandy can still pay tribute to those who gave their lives for Freedom.

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Jamming with Rick and the Ramblers


"Thank You, Carolyn. Wonderful photos of the show at the Barre Heritage Festival this afternoon. Very glad you came and captured the moments so beautifully!" - Rick Norcross

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rick-the-ramblers-street-dance-carolynbates-posterSTREET DANCE with RICK and the RAMBLERSSAT AUG 177:30-11:00Shelburne Shopping Plaza  (under tent)$10 Rick Norcross and the Ramblers play just the very best Western Swing Music. The type of music just makes you want to dance. Rick's lyrics are very humous and entertaining with the added bonus that they play soft...
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How to take photo and add graphics and get a hot poster

rick-the-ramblers-street-dance-carolynbates-poster.jpgIt all starts with a photo. Set up a scene, get some great models to pose for you (friends and family are always a great resource), and then let the fun begin! Step 1: In Photoshop, use the pen tool to make white lines around the people or the elements of the photo that you want to use.     Step 2: Turn them and changed size and...
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The Perfect Storm

a1sx2_Original1_lakechamp-storm-carolynbates-lanscape-lightning.pngA stormy day at Lake Champlain. For all sailor...enter at your own risk. What people are saying... "Wow!" -Mary V Tegel "Fascinating picture! Sharing" -Anne Gray Liversidge "this is an amazing photo. Send it to the National Weather Bureau for the archives!" -Sally Ballin "This belongs on an art museum wall." -Urban Martin "This is an incred...
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Taking a blast from the past and bringing it back to the future.

Featured in this month's Vermont Magazine, a home that has its roots in the past is restored to make the current owners feel right at home.

stewart-interior-architecture-carolyn-bates-photographerSee more of this Historic Farm House in my Online Flipbook. Just click here.

Idyllic Island Home

Story by Jordan Werner • Interior photos by Carolyn Bates
Vermont Magazine • July/August 2013

As it was restored, this grand old home revealed both its past and its potential for another family to live happily inside its walls.

I have encountered a house that seems to have a soul, and it is a kind one, an old one. It seems to wrap its unseen arms around you when you visit; it whispers its secrets to you, silently hoping that you will stay a while. When you visit it, this realization begins well before you arrive, when you cross a bay on Lake Champlain on the Route 2 causeway and notice that your pace is slowing. The islands you are nearing seem to be generating a sense of calm and relaxation…that’s when you know you are on “island time.” As I crossed the drawbridge, drove through North Hero, and finally rounded the corner at the gate of the Stewart residence, I couldn’t be sure that my car was still moving forward. One glimpse of the lake and the Stewarts’ old lake house, and I knew this story would be different from every house story I had written before.

stewart-interior-architecture-carolyn-bates-photographer-2  stewart-interior-architecture-carolyn-bates-photographer-3   

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Guest Blogger: Natalie Stultz

Impressions of Santa Fe: red-oranges, deep blues and bright light.Take a look at some amazing photos from Natalie Stultz Blog post.     New Mexico Stories & Travel I was in New Mexico recently for my sister-in-law’s wedding. We stayed in a wonderful B&B in Albuquerque, Los Poblanos, which is a working lavender farm replete with peacocks. The bride and groom during the traditional...
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Love between these two sparked "A New Passion"

OHI-Interior-Archictecture-CarolynBates-62-doublepgSee more images in my online flipbook. Just click here.

Old House Interiors: Jun-Jul 2006 • 104 pages • Vol. 12, No. 4

National architectural magazine now in its fifteenth year, covering period-inspired design 1700–1950. Commissioned photographs show real homes, inspired by the past but livable. Historical and interpretive rooms are included; new construction, additions, and new kitchens and baths take their place along with restoration work. A feature on furniture appears in every issue. Product coverage is extensive. Experts offer advice for homeowners and designers on finishing, decorating, and furnishing period homes of every era. A garden feature, essays, archival material, events and exhibitions, and book reviews round out the editorial. Many readers claim the beautiful advertising—all of it design-related, no “lifestyle” ads—is as important to them as the articles.

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Archive Alert: English Inspiration

OHJ-English-Cover-March2003Architect is Sandy Vitzthum • Photos by Carolyn Bates About this Magazine: Feb-Mar 2003 • 120 pages • Vol. 9, No. 2 • Old House Interiors National architectural magazine now in its fifteenth year, covering period-inspired design 1700–1950. Commissioned photographs show real homes, inspired by the past but livable. Historical and interpretive r...
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Vermont Homes and Gardens: Custom Creation

Both the designers and the owner love the results of high-tech detailing and innovative finishing touches to this fine lakeside home.

Take the TourFlip through the online magazine.

Vermont Magazine • March/April 2013
Story by Jordan Werner • Photos by Carolyn Bates

As the owners of Sheppard Custom Homes, Tom and Donna Sheppard have lived in many spectacular houses. When they were designing a new house for themselves, they saw an opportunity to experiment on a large scale. The result is visually stunning, technologically advanced, and true to its environment. It is so great, in fact, that they never got to move in. As the Sheppard Custom Homes crew was starting work on it two years ago, Tom received a call asking if the house was for sale. “My wife thought it was a little big and over the top, so we decided to sell it,” said Tom. “The new owner was great. His instructions were to finish the house exactly as we would if we were going to move in.”

Tom Moore crafted all the woodwork for the house. Donna wanted the house to have an open floor plan, but the space was so large that it would have been overwhelming. Tom’s woodwork serves to make some separation and designate different rooms while leaving the floor plan open. Each room has its own angle, but the wood ties them all together. The beautiful woodwork that Tom Moore fashioned presented a challenge when it came time to light the house— there was very little room to put light switches without ruining the detail of the wood. To solve the problem, Tom Sheppard decided to program the whole house to run on iPad and iPhone technology. No matter where you are, you can turn on the lights. “I never thought I’d get excited about an electronic house, but it eliminates more than half of the light switches in a house this big,” he commented. “It’s my first electronic house but it won’t be my last!”

Read the full article by downloading the PDF here.

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Take some time and enjoy the ocean view... Hampton Beach in NH

ocean-view-final.jpgWhen walking around Hampton Beach in NH, there is so much to take in. The beach, the landscape, and the architecture are all around you. And then there is the sculpture. Just north of A street is the wonderful sculpture. It was surrounded by black fencing as though she were in prison, and landscape architects: ORW created a brand new home for he...
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Bringing Wilmington Vermont Back to Life

Wilmington Vermont - Photographer Carolyn BatesWilmington Pulls Together To Bring Its Historic Downtown Back To Life Vermont B/A A year and a half ago, Tropical Storm Irene ravaged many Vermont towns, including Wilmington. By January 2012, the Wilmington Fund VT was established and hard at work. Tamara and Dan Kilmurray, longtime second home owners, felt the losses and destruction of Wilming...
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Done with Style: Anne Marie Brunet, CKD, CBD

AnneMarieBrunet-cichetti-12af CLB3977a-sh-web-srgb-1-wtrmkSheridan Interiors, Cornwall, ONT. Anne-Marie's creativity in solving architectural and interior design problems is ten star.  Working with her, as an architectural photographer, to photograph spaces she has designed since 2003, I highly respect her work. I was trained by several contractors to understand excellence in their work, so I look f...
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These old bones will tell a story. Renovating one of Burlington’s historic homes.



Old Bones, New Energy

Renovating one of Burlington’s historic homes.

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It's All about Augie!

Read more about Augie on "I am ready for my close-up".
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WILMINGTON, VERMONT: Recovering from Irene 1 year later.

WILMINGTON CLB7562d-sh-web-srgbOne year after the devastating Irene hurricane ruined all or part of every one of the 59 buildings in national historic registrar town of Wilmington, VT, flowers bloom in every pot, window box, and garden. With $12 million in damage, the recovery is not over yet. Buildings are still being renovated, bought and sold, and Ann Coleman, the artist who ...
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michigan-20110829 3200a-45sm

Check out the places you go while on vacation!

To my friends everywhere.

We are renting our family summer cottage, on Crystal Lake, Frankfort, MI. It is just  45 minutes south of  the airport in Traverse City, and 10 minutes from Frankfort, MI.  One of the great adventures is to visit the Sleeping Bear Lakeshore National Park, Please network the rental of our cottage at Crystal Lake in Frankfort, Mich.  If you put a rental together for us, I will see that you get a finder's fee. If you rent it for your friends or family, we will negotiate a lower rent.  

Thank you very much,

One of our renters described our cottage so very well, and what it was like to stay there.

I just want to tell you I really loved that place.  I had this vision in my head that I wanted a house right next to the water so, when we arrived that first evening, I was a little disappointed in the location.  My opinion soon changed.  I loved being up in the woods where it was quiet.  The houses I saw that were next to the water had a road right against them.  That was definitely not what I had in mind.  Besides, I could hear the water and see it from our room and I didn't have to worry about the boys every minute with cars and water.

Like I said, I loved it there.  I think the floors are pine.  They are great.  We definitely want to come back up sometime, but don't have a plan yet.  Our summers are getting so miserable around here (Missouri)I just about can't stand it anymore.  Most of this summer was 90's & 100's.  I go from one air conditioned environment to the next.  It was heaven not having the ac at the house.  I at least had the window in the bedroom open every night so I could hear the wind through the trees.  Wouldn't you know it, we came home to a nice cool down period.  


Crystal Lake Waterfront Jun-Oct Handicap Access
Frankfort New Frankfort, Michigan


Vacation Rental by Owner Listing 411834
4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths. Sleeps 8: short walk to semi private beach, stone fireplace in living room, dining room, patio, deck, screen porch, dish washer, washer, dryer,  private deck, parking, linens.  No dogs, No smoking. Telephone, TV, WIFI  provided. Handicap ramp and semi handicap bathroom. Cleaning provided between renters. Real cottage feel.  Wood walls, no sheetrock! Timberframe, two stories. June, July, Sept, Oct. Out by 11 in by 3. $1900-$2250.

View the listing by clicking here.  •  Vist the offical Facebook Page!


Carolyn L. Bates, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cindy B. Koster, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Vacation Reading!

If you are looking for some great reads while vacationing at Crystal Lake, then look no further than local author Robert Wangard's books. Though Malice is his latest fast pace mystery, you should start with the first in book in the series Target. The hero of these novels lives in a summer cottage on Crystal Lake! You can also read the short stories in Hard Water Blues. They are excellent and each one is different with twists that amaze you.

What do you while on vacation? I have the perfect spots to explore!


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