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Shape Note Singing

The other day I was able to join the Sacred Harp Community of Vermont and take some photos. The experience was so great that I wanted to share with you the photos from that day and a note that I recieved. "Wow, these are amazing photos!! It was so nice you were able to come to the singing yesterday! I saw you taking a few photos, but I had no idea ...
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Five local architectural companies designed far out ice fishing shanties.

On February 26th, the Shelburne Museum had a Snow Day! It was such an absolutely awesome day that I got to spend there with Nan Patrick and Cindy Knauf. One of the exhibits we were able to see was the ARCTICtecture: The Ice Shanty Project featuring top Vermont Architecture firms. The participating firms include TruexCullins , Peregrine Design Build...
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The Lights of Church St, Burlington, VT.

What can be better than capturing some fun images with my iPhone while walking down Church St, Burlington, VT at night!
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Where the Bears Are

Do you know Where the Bears Are? Sculptor, Charlie O’Brien, is a master at creating the most amazing carved wooden bears. These sculptures are so much fun and truly adorable representations. Some of them even have names! He carves these wooden bears from sections of huge trees using a chain saw and any other tools that are needed. You can have the ...
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Vermont's Hot New Hair Salon

Take a look at the hottest new hair salon in Burlington! Shari Powers, the owner of Sequoia Salon, and her two Fantastic stylists Sarah Jean and Tabitha Fuller are excited to unveil the revitalized salon. They artistically blend new colors into your hair and style it so you feel great about yourself and your new “do”. Over the past year, Shari and ...
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Taking a look Behind the Curtains

Christine Hadsel & Curtains Without Borders were featured in Valley News. Check out the great article and learn more about the book which is available now!! New England Scenery Book Celebrates Region’s Restored Theater Curtains By Dave Gram • Associated Press • Thursday, August 27, 2015 (Published in print: Friday, August 28, 2015) Brookfield, ...
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A night with Peter Joshua Burroughs and Carlos Rodriguez

Vermont Tenor, Peter Joshua Burroughs and Venezuelan Pianist, Carlos Cesar Rodriguez presented an eclectic mix of vocal and piano music including opera, art song, musical theatre and Argentinian Tango. The two sang, laughed, danced, and turned the piano into "fire" today at the First Baptist Church in Burlington. Tears streamed from our eyes as the...
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Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Kick-off!

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to whip out my iPhone for this video - Waterfront Park, Burlington, Vermont on May 26, 2015. See more of my videos on the YouTube Channel !
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Visit to Little Hogback Farm for Maple Sugaring

We go to their Sugar House where they are using a state of the art machine to boil sap into syrup. And where they sell their yummy maple cream, syrup, t-shirts etc.

©Carolyn Bates and Tree Spaulding. All rights reserved. No uses allowed without written permission.
Published on Apr 20, 2015

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LAKE CHAMPLAIN: Clean Up with Floating Islands

Lake Carmi

Lake Champlain is heavily polluted with phosphate in some ares, with thick growths of algae. has a solution.

This solution is not just for larger lakes, but can be used for smaller bodies of water such as Lake Carmi.

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Vermonters for Common Sense Gun Laws

We all want to have our state of Vermont pass a law to have background checks done before anyone purchases a gun. Here are some of our members gathering at a recent get together.
Here are some of my other blog posts: Working Together to Keep Gun s Out of the Wrong H...
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A Look a Vermont Creamery and How Great Goat Cheese Is Made

Vermont Creamery
Take a look at this great video on how this Vermont company crafts some of the finest (and delicious) goat cheese locally.   Where does the best food come from? From makers who really care. At Vermont Creamery, Allison Hooper and Bob Reese have been crafting the finest goat cheese from local goats for thirty years--and counting. See the proces...
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A trip back in time with the St. Albans Raid

Travel back to Oct. 19, 1864 during the Civil War to St. Albans Vermont. The entire center of the city is now an encampment of soldiers and townspeople with tents, cooking fires, guns, and musicians. Now, 150 years later Vermont is celebrating the anniversay! The story of the St. Albans Raid has all the makings of a silver-screen drama. The norther...
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Photography Spotlight: Brett Simison and The Apple Pickers

The latest email blast is in from Brett Simison and I wanted to share it. What a great group of images depicting the Apple Pickers of Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont. In Brett's words... “God spare a life, I will be back.” Every day in the late summer and fall, The Men wake up, breakfast in the bunkhouse, then make their way out into the fiel...
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An Inspiring Home Featured in Old House Journal

A Snug Lakeside Cottage in Vermont With new owners, a lakeside summer cottage becomes a year-round sanctuary. By Regina Cole | Photos by Carolyn Bates | Old House Journal Nestled between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains, this Vermont lake house is livable year-round—a reversal of its history. Built as a summer cottage in 1922, the house rema...
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What time is it? It's Tractor Time!

tractorparade-vermont-carolynbates CLB2734

East Charlotte Tractor Parade's - 13th Annual Tractor Parade

October 13, 2013

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Wilmington Strong

Out of the Rubble: Wilmington Two Years After Irene Posted on Sep 27, 2013 • By Katherine P. Cox • Unless you were there, just by looking around, it’s hard to fathom that barely two years ago the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Irene unleashed devastating floodwaters that raged through Wilmington, ravaged downtown, and left no business untouched. But...
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Jamming with Rick and the Ramblers


"Thank You, Carolyn. Wonderful photos of the show at the Barre Heritage Festival this afternoon. Very glad you came and captured the moments so beautifully!" - Rick Norcross

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Bringing Wilmington Vermont Back to Life

Wilmington Vermont - Photographer Carolyn Bates
Wilmington Pulls Together To Bring Its Historic Downtown Back To Life Vermont B/A A year and a half ago, Tropical Storm Irene ravaged many Vermont towns, including Wilmington. By January 2012, the Wilmington Fund VT was established and hard at work. Tamara and Dan Kilmurray, longtime second home owners, felt the losses and destruction of Wilmington...
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Flood damaged building bought by new non-profit in Wilmington. The Wilmington Fund VT is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the recovery of Wilmington, Vermont. The Please donate to this fund! Wilmington is an awesome town. It is important to make note of the flood levels and river level. The water in the river rose 30 feet and ...
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