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Congratulations to The Ocean Cleanup!

The Ocean Cleanup
After only 100 days, the crowd funding campaign set up by The Ocean Cleanup was successfully completed and exceeded expectations!  September 15, 2014, Amsterdam - The Ocean Cleanup, founded by Dutchman Boyan Slat (20), has successfully completed its crowd funding campaign. With the support of over 38,000 funders from 160 countries, in 100 days...
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Picture Perfect Residence from The Cushman Design Group

Take a look at two of the images that will be in a full page AD for The Cushman Design Group in Architectural Digest!

The Cushman Design Group AD

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Vermonters for Common Sense Gun Laws: Historic Senate Vote of 20-8!

News Alert: The Senate just voted S. 141 forward 20-8. Your calls have made such a difference! Our voices have been heard loud and clear in the Vermont Senate. Sen John Campbell (left) and Sen Dick Sears (right)  Sears was head of judiciary committee that brought the bill through a long journey filled with may members dressed in orange fr...
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Fun with Photoshop! Fixing Camera Angle in Photoshop.


If I was able to Fly, then perhaps I would have been able to photograph this summer camp straight on. But without this ability, I was perched precariously on concrete steps that went like an expert ski slope. Not happy with this view, I played with free transform, and lots of extra layers of pieces and parts of the cottage, to finally make it look like I really was able to fly. Enjoy!

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LAKE CHAMPLAIN: Clean Up with Floating Islands

Lake Carmi

Lake Champlain is heavily polluted with phosphate in some ares, with thick growths of algae. has a solution.

This solution is not just for larger lakes, but can be used for smaller bodies of water such as Lake Carmi.

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Before & After: How to create a Dream


Playing out side the box with color and text.

Check out the pieces that went into making this fun and whimsical portriat!

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Pete's Posse: Folk traditions.... with interpretations.

I was able to go to a concert by Pete’s Posse and what a great time! Take a look at some of the photos from the show.

Pete's Posse

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The 'Unskippable' Dog!

Sometimes you just need to share a video. This dog is awesome and there is no way you will not watch until the end!

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A Portrait of a Writer

I recently had the chance to take portraits of writers at the Burlington Writers Worksop. One of them was Peter Biello the author, radio host and the head of The Burlington Writers Workshop. About the BWW: The Burlington Writers Workshop’s mission is to provide writers with free learning opportunities that help them develop as artists and professio...
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Interiors with George Hubbard and Craftsmen Group VT


I am just so excited to be working again with one of my most favorite contractors from way back in my history…all the way back when we shot with Film!

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Vermonters for Common Sense Gun Laws

We all want to have our state of Vermont pass a law to have background checks done before anyone purchases a gun. Here are some of our members gathering at a recent get together.
Here are some of my other blog posts: Working Together to Keep Gun s Out of the Wrong H...
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Dog Mountain: A Love Story is Live!

The Dog Chapel sign serves as backdrop for hundreds of family portraits.  Pictured here, Elizabeth with Fernandina and Dovekie, Ana with Tomas, and Chris nestled among Stephen's collection of dog statuettes. Stephen working on a woodcut in his home studio. There is a great announcement from Dog Mountain! It's our enormous pleasure to announce ...
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XMAS 2014 at GRAMPI'S Book is Available

Three generations in one family play games and pose for photographs. Find out more about the book by clicking here. XMAS 2014 at GRAMPI'S by Carolyn L. Bates Published: January 8, 2015 •  Dimensions: Standard Landscape 106 pgs  •  Category: Arts & Photography
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As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat ... Meet Gracie

"What used to be my chair is now hers. Cats do that. ... Gracie is a bit different - this past she was sitting on a plant table with a window view of outside, where a little bunny was perhaps 6 feet away from the window, perfect view of the rabbit, a normal cat would have been going nuts looking at it, but here's Gracie, swatting at a tiny little f...
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Yum! Smoky Black Bean Dip

Smoky Black Bean Dip Ingredients
I got a great recipe from a Caroline St neighbor and wanted to share it with you. This Smoky Black Bean Dip is gluten and soy free.   You can serve with Lime Flavored Tostitos and Endive. Add additional sour cream to reduce "heat".
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

MERRY HAPPY HOLIDAYS and NEW YEAR to ALL! Main image: Shelburne Museum’s Ticonderoga Grand Celebration Thank you all many times over for contributing warmth, love and exciting adventures for me!!! Architect Patrick Kane’s Squam Lake House comprised of 4 “wigwam” houses sided with zinc, and his net zero complex at Craftsbury Outdoor Center.&nbs...
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The Perfect Pairing of Nature & Architecture at the Upper Pines Lodge

Upper Pines Lodge VT by Carolyn Bates
Even though it poured rain ALL DAY, taking photos at the Upper Pines Lodge was a fun day. I just grabbed a huge polo umbrella when I was outside.The architect, Dave Sellers, outdid himself once again, with unusual design. By using real trees line up on both sides of the entry hall, the architect was able to take the nature that surrounds this struc...
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Noah's Song is the Newest Release from award-winning poet Jerry Johnson!

Noah's Song
Noah’s Song begins with … Have you ever seen llamas wearing pajamas or a dancing cow in a herd? Or a big bull moose atop a caboose? Are all my questions absurd? I was building an ark when I heard my dog bark at a long-haired orangutan. The sight of this ape with a muscular shape was enough to frighten any man! Just the other day while out making ha...
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The 2014 Harvest Party!

The Harvest Party

This year author Jerry Johnson hosted a Harvest Party at his old schoolhouse and barn. Take a look at some of the photos from this fun event!

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This Old Schoolhouse by Jerry Johnson, Creek Road Poet

In the heart of the Northeast Kingdom in the town of East Albany sat an old wood-framed schoolhouse. The year was 1983. It was August, a beautiful time of year to be in Vermont. Summer was winding down and nights were growing cooler. My investigation about the schoolhouse revealed that Erdine Gonyaw was the last teacher to educate a room full of th...
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