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As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat ... Meet Gracie


"What used to be my chair is now hers. Cats do that. ... Gracie is a bit different - this past she was sitting on a plant table with a window view of outside, where a little bunny was perhaps 6 feet away from the window, perfect view of the rabbit, a normal cat would have been going nuts looking at it, but here's Gracie, swatting at a tiny little fly on the outside of the window, completely ignoring the rabbit."

- Peter Larson


- for Lady Gray -
by Jerry Johnson (from UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A SADDLE)

Little bundles of energy

With motors running fast

Not a mouse stands a chance

Their fates are surely cast

Cats can sleep for hours

Upon a bed of hay

But never miss a trick

Throughout the night and day

They’re sentries of their fort

Will hide when you walk by

Love it when you bring food

Cats are smart and sly

Little bundles of energy

Rascals round the clock

They do everything impromptu

Their schedules are ad hoc.

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Yum! Smoky Black Bean Dip


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