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Shape Note Singing

The other day I was able to join the Sacred Harp Community of Vermont and take some photos. The experience was so great that I wanted to share with you the photos from that day and a note that I recieved. "Wow, these are amazing photos!! It was so nice you were able to come to the singing yesterday! I saw you taking a few photos, but I had no idea ...
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Best Hair Salon ever, where your Hair with SHINE and COLORS are AWESOME

A Tour of Sequoia Salon “rooted in history, surrounded  by wood, beauty and light…” As you pull up to the exterior of Sequoia Salon, you will notice a smokestack at the end of the block-long building with the date 1858 on its facade. This building was originally Kilburn and Gates Furniture Factory, a company that would ship its product to New ...
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Five local architectural companies designed far out ice fishing shanties.

On February 26th, the Shelburne Museum had a Snow Day! It was such an absolutely awesome day that I got to spend there with Nan Patrick and Cindy Knauf. One of the exhibits we were able to see was the ARCTICtecture: The Ice Shanty Project featuring top Vermont Architecture firms. The participating firms include TruexCullins , Peregrine Design Build...
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The Lights of Church St, Burlington, VT.

What can be better than capturing some fun images with my iPhone while walking down Church St, Burlington, VT at night!
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Inside the Valley Farmhouse

Exterior Residential Architectural Photography
Architect: Haynes and Garthwaite architects, Norwich, VT • Builder: Naylor & Breen Builders Inc., Brandon Vermont Take a look at this amazing new farmhouse with all the charm of one that has been there for decades!   Located in the Upper Valley, this 4 bedroom home was designed to capture the character of a New England farmhouse and was si...
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How to Take Your Living Room from Drab to Fab!

dull fab

Here is how to go from a DULL daytime to a GLORIOUS DUSK interior.

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Where the Bears Are

Do you know Where the Bears Are? Sculptor, Charlie O’Brien, is a master at creating the most amazing carved wooden bears. These sculptures are so much fun and truly adorable representations. Some of them even have names! He carves these wooden bears from sections of huge trees using a chain saw and any other tools that are needed. You can have the ...
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Merry Christmas!


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The Making of a Christmas Gift to You


This year's Christmas card is going to be something a little different. Not only will it be a Special Edition, but there will be an amazing poem from Jerry Johnson on the inside. Creating the card was a lot of fun and here is how I did it.

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I can't be the only who hates cameras!


As soon as I got this in my email inbox from Louis Postel of Postelink, I knew that I had to share this with all of you. Enjoy!

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Vermont's Hot New Hair Salon

Take a look at the hottest new hair salon in Burlington! Shari Powers, the owner of Sequoia Salon, and her two Fantastic stylists Sarah Jean and Tabitha Fuller are excited to unveil the revitalized salon. They artistically blend new colors into your hair and style it so you feel great about yourself and your new “do”. Over the past year, Shari and ...
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Look what could be in your inbox!

Spotted in DESIGN NEW ENGLAND Sneak Peek Email! In the November/December issue of Design New England, Mary Peacock and Jonathan Larsen and their home have a full feature! This amazing home is beautiful as well as energy efficient. Not to mention being on Vermont’s Mad River! You can find out more about it by visiting the publications section o...
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Just the right fit.

  If you are looking for an awesome custom fit for your next sneaker purchase, look no further than Nancy Condit of Women's Source for Sports and Personal Fitness Interiors. Located in So Burlington, Vermont, her store is the best place to be. I was on the hunt for a new pair of sneakers and instantly thought of Nancy's store. When I went in, ...
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The Teahouse

Haynes & Garthwaite Architects They renovated the historic brick  house and added a beautiful new timberframe structure. Trees, large stone, unique wood designs on doors and cabinets, wonderful alive sun room alley, three sided wood fireplace.
About the Arc...
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Capturing a Memory of a Lost Friend

Winkie lived from 2004 to 2015. Even after they are gone, our four-legged family members will always be with us. Their memories, though at first bring sadness, will eventually bring smiles to our faces. It is my hope that with this post, Nan will have a fond memory of the day that I was able to photograph her two fabulous poodle mix dogs: Winkie, w...
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61 degrees felt so cold after days of 80’s that I had my winter hat on, but still froze my feet in very short socks and running shoes, legs in short pants, and several jackets kept my chest reasonably warm. I hung out from 10:45pm-12:30 am. As soon as the eclipse was over, the clouds moved in, and created a huge red circle right around the moon. As...
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Taking a look Behind the Curtains

Christine Hadsel & Curtains Without Borders were featured in Valley News. Check out the great article and learn more about the book which is available now!! New England Scenery Book Celebrates Region’s Restored Theater Curtains By Dave Gram • Associated Press • Thursday, August 27, 2015 (Published in print: Friday, August 28, 2015) Brookfield, ...
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Making Camping Look Good


Recently I had the chance to have some fun at a photo shoot with Peggy and Larry at a camping site infront of their trailer. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't exactly the way I wanted it, so I took to Photoshop. Here is how I edited the photos.

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In a field of yellow with Photographer Peter Larsen

Enjoy the simple pleasure of looking at Photographer, Peter Larsen's sunflowers. About Peter Larsen in his own words: I've been an avid amateur photographer for several years, with an emphasis on wildlife, and lately more emphasis on people photography. I enjoy both types immensely. I've attended week-long workshops on both people and wildlife phot...
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InSite Solar Decathlon: Middlebury College


Take a look at a home run solely on solar power!

In its return to the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon, Middlebury College created InSite, a house that reconnects people with their community and emphasizes environmental, economic, and social sustainability. InSite offers the privacy and comforts that appeal to 21st-century homebuyers by balancing public and private spaces.

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