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As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat ... Meet Gracie

"What used to be my chair is now hers. Cats do that. ... Gracie is a bit different - this past she was sitting on a plant table with a window view of outside, where a little bunny was perhaps 6 feet away from the window, perfect view of the rabbit, a normal cat would have been going nuts looking at it, but here's Gracie, swatting at a tiny little f...
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Yum! Smoky Black Bean Dip

Smoky Black Bean Dip Ingredients
I got a great recipe from a Caroline St neighbor and wanted to share it with you. This Smoky Black Bean Dip is gluten and soy free.   You can serve with Lime Flavored Tostitos and Endive. Add additional sour cream to reduce "heat".

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

MERRY HAPPY HOLIDAYS and NEW YEAR to ALL! Main image: Shelburne Museum’s Ticonderoga Grand Celebration Thank you all many times over for contributing warmth, love and exciting adventures for me!!! Architect Patrick Kane’s Squam Lake House comprised of 4 “wigwam” houses sided with zinc, and his net zero complex at Craftsbury Outdoor Center.&nbs...
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The Perfect Pairing of Nature & Architecture at the Upper Pines Lodge

Upper Pines Lodge VT by Carolyn Bates
Even though it poured rain ALL DAY, taking photos at the Upper Pines Lodge was a fun day. I just grabbed a huge polo umbrella when I was outside.The architect, Dave Sellers, outdid himself once again, with unusual design. By using real trees line up on both sides of the entry hall, the architect was able to take the nature that surrounds this struc...
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Noah's Song is the Newest Release from award-winning poet Jerry Johnson!

Noah's Song
Noah’s Song begins with … Have you ever seen llamas wearing pajamas or a dancing cow in a herd? Or a big bull moose atop a caboose? Are all my questions absurd? I was building an ark when I heard my dog bark at a long-haired orangutan. The sight of this ape with a muscular shape was enough to frighten any man! Just the other day while out making ha...
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The 2014 Harvest Party!

The Harvest Party

This year author Jerry Johnson hosted a Harvest Party at his old schoolhouse and barn. Take a look at some of the photos from this fun event!

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This Old Schoolhouse by Jerry Johnson, Creek Road Poet

In the heart of the Northeast Kingdom in the town of East Albany sat an old wood-framed schoolhouse. The year was 1983. It was August, a beautiful time of year to be in Vermont. Summer was winding down and nights were growing cooler. My investigation about the schoolhouse revealed that Erdine Gonyaw was the last teacher to educate a room full of th...
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Five Stars for Up the Creek Without a Saddle!

Up the Creek Without a Saddle
In this celebrated book, UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A SADDLE , award-winning poet Jerry Johnson has created a universal memoir of life experiences. Animals, the natural world around us, people, first loves, loss, joy, and so much more breathes in his poetry full of treasured images. The words portray life on many levels, the images stay with you, and the...
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An Author's Inspiration: A revnovated century-old schoolhouse with a spectacular barn!

Restored century-old schoolhouse on a farm in Vermont’s fabled Northeast Kingdom

Take a look at author Jerry Johnson's restored century-old schoolhouse and stunning barn located on a farm in Vermont. Artistically and architecturally, this farm is truly inspiring.

Read the story of This Old Schoolhouse by Jerry Johnson here.

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A Look a Vermont Creamery and How Great Goat Cheese Is Made

Vermont Creamery
Take a look at this great video on how this Vermont company crafts some of the finest (and delicious) goat cheese locally.   Where does the best food come from? From makers who really care. At Vermont Creamery, Allison Hooper and Bob Reese have been crafting the finest goat cheese from local goats for thirty years--and counting. See the proces...
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Before and After: Vermont Hardware Store Photo Shoot

Hot off the press! Check out the before and after photos from my shoot at Express Appliance, Kitchen & More!

Express Appliance, Kitchen & More Exterior (Night)

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Imagine going to an antique store and purchasing a box of old photographs, then spending the next fifty years trying to figure out who the people depicted in the photographs were as well as the identity of the photographer who took them. That is exactly what Douglas Keister has done. Eventually, he found out that he was in possession of a beautiful...
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A trip back in time with the St. Albans Raid

Travel back to Oct. 19, 1864 during the Civil War to St. Albans Vermont. The entire center of the city is now an encampment of soldiers and townspeople with tents, cooking fires, guns, and musicians. Now, 150 years later Vermont is celebrating the anniversay! The story of the St. Albans Raid has all the makings of a silver-screen drama. The norther...
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The River House. Take a Cue from Frank Lloyd Wright

The River House is a home a la Frank Lloyd Wright. Taking their inspiration from the architect, as the master of design, the clients studied his work. Then they elements to bring in a more sustainable lifestyle to the house. They added latest climate controls, green roof, windows, heating, etc. to bring this house into a net zero residence. Very ex...
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Evolution of a book cover.

Stuart O’Brien hired me to design a book cover for his new book Wildwood . It is a poignant love story about a soldier and his lover. The story is filled with what happens during WWII, their letters, and what she does after the war, with unusual surprises and twists that go on for 60 years. At first he wanted her to be in a misty  scene, walki...
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Take a little time and smell the flowers

Flowers at Flynn Garden Tour

18th Annual Flynn Garden Tour

The venerable Flynn Garden Tour brings you gardens great and small; suburban and country; meadow and woodland. And this year, we also celebrate art in the gardens. You’ll find lavishly planted five-acre hillsides that pack four seasons of flowers into shady ledges and homesteaders who are as fond of espaliered apples as egg-laying Muscovy ducks.

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Into the Woods: A Garden Tour of Gordon and Mary Hayward's Garden

Gordon and Mary Hayward’s one-and-one-half-acre garden surrounds their 240-year-old farmhouse in southern Vermont. Over the past twenty-six years they have developed a hybrid of Old England and New England gardens to reflect Gordon’s past growing up on an orchard in northwestern Connecticut and Mary’s past growing up on a farm outside Chipping Camp...
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Architecture Spotlight: Squam Lake House

Architect: Patrick Kane This south facing house runs along the shore line to maximize views and passive solar effect. Becuase the building is sited in mature forest, to minimize disturbance to trees and thus the house is well screened from the street and lake. Squam Lake is a summer and winter seasonal camp that can sleep 20 people which is perfect...
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Going to the Steamboat Ticonderoga tonight at Shelburne Museum. Absolutely perfect night. Rain first, then sky cleared just over Burlington, according to our iphone....and the real weather. So we enjoyed fireworks. Isn't it wonderful to be able to do composite photos now!! Thank you Kimberly DuBrul and your team for a perfect evening. About the Ste...
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A Snapshot of a Home

See how the perfect mix of design, innovation, and architecture can be brought together to give the owner ultimate privacy. It is one of the first houses designed by architect Patrick Kane while working for Gossens & Bachman Architecture . For ultimate privacy: Windows totally covered by huge shutters and an outdoor patio secluded by using huge...
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