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Gluten Soy And Lactose Free Good Foods

Check out my newest facebook page Gluten Soy And Lactose Free Good Foods Community Page. It is for people to exchange recipes and good foods that they have tested and like. To help those eating good foods that are free of gluten, soy and or lactose, to find more food to add to their list.

I will be updating this blog with the latest images, recipes, and recommendations. So boomark this post to check back and don't forget leave your comments.


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What time is it? It's Tractor Time!

tractorparade-vermont-carolynbates CLB2734

East Charlotte Tractor Parade's - 13th Annual Tractor Parade

October 13, 2013

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No Facebook, you cannot take away my Copyright.

Facebook is trying to say they own my copyright. Bogus claim.

Into the woods


Photoshop Tips: Sharpen your image.

The one and ONLY way to sharpen your image. objective: sharpen image, without pixelization in clear areas, ie noise in sky   definition: sharpening an image: means to increase contrast between adjacent pixels so that the edges are more distinct   USING HIGH PASS  filters/other/high pass 1. Make a copy of your background layer. 2. Put...
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Protect Yourself! Something every photographer should know.

I found this article that I wanted to share. How to Protect Your Photography Online  By Erick Sacino When it comes to protecting your online photography there are many ways to prevent people from copying or distributing your artwork. Protecting Your Imagery: If you are like me you have probably uploaded your precious photography at one time or...
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Vermont Magazine Feature: Topmost Treasure

bennett BAT0493b-sh-web-srgb-wtrmk
Above all else, this tree house gives everyone who visits a home away from home. Vermont Magazine • September /October 2013 Story by Leon Thompson • Photos by Carolyn Bates The first-timers lose their breath at first sight. “And that breath is just the beginning,” says Russ Bennett, as he steps inside the 20-foot-high tree house he designed and bui...
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Independent Film Watch: The Summer of Walter Hacks

When I found out about "The Summer of Walter Hacks", I was excited to find out how I can see this film. George Woodward is very very funny, natural talent. Watch the Trailer! About the Film: The rural world of the early 1950s represented hard work and hard lives for many. In the Northeast, there were tens of thousands of working farms. Each remote ...
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Wilmington Strong

Out of the Rubble: Wilmington Two Years After Irene Posted on Sep 27, 2013 • By Katherine P. Cox • Unless you were there, just by looking around, it’s hard to fathom that barely two years ago the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Irene unleashed devastating floodwaters that raged through Wilmington, ravaged downtown, and left no business untouched. But...
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New Book by Doug Keister

Heart-Land: Growing Up in the Middle of Everything
I just recieved a new email from DougKeister about his latest book and just had to share it! "This week, my 41st book, HEART-LAND: GROWING UP IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING went live. Heart-Land is about growing up in Nebraska in the 1950s, but it really appeals to anyone who grew up in a simpler time. Heart-Land is both funny and heartwarming. If you...
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9,000 Fallen Soldiers Etched into the Sand on Normandy Beach to Commemorate Peace Day September 25, 2013


Our politicians can close the Memorials to WWII but the French in Normandy can still pay tribute to those who gave their lives for Freedom.

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Jamming with Rick and the Ramblers


"Thank You, Carolyn. Wonderful photos of the show at the Barre Heritage Festival this afternoon. Very glad you came and captured the moments so beautifully!" - Rick Norcross

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STREET DANCE with RICK and the RAMBLERS SAT AUG 17 7:30-11:00 Shelburne Shopping Plaza  (under tent) $10 admission Rick Norcross and the Ramblers play just the very best Western Swing Music. The type of music just makes you want to dance. Rick's lyrics are very humous and entertaining with the added bonus that they play ...
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Art Watch: Abigail Anne Newbold at Currier Museum of Art & NOW at Houston Center for Contemporary

New Exhibit! ABIGAIL ANNE NEWBOLD: CRAFTING INDEPENDENCE (Click here to learn more.)

This exhibit is definitely worth the trip! Better yet, make it part of a vaction or even just a long weekend. Stay overnight and see the Frank Lloyd Wright's Zimmerman's house (part of the Currier Museum), eat at Cotton's Restaurant down in the mill town, or stay at the Ash St. Inn around the corner from the museum, where you can have your own private fireplace in your bedroom. 

AbigailAnneNewbold-museum-show-photo-carolynbates-2Check out more images, by clicking here.

My Gallery Notes:
Abby has made many of the items you see: like the backpack, and/or has restored old items, like tools, by sharpening and cleaning, and making new handles. She made or found these cool pegs to hold everything together. This way you can take off her hand made quilts used as walls, take down the light weight frame, and pack it all up and put it into the covered wagon, and bike it to your next place to live.

This is her idea of alternative living including all the things you need to do it.

Including a delicer, the horizontal bag w crank and with sleeve under it for your head? and a magnifying glass-- and a seed spreader bag she made with a spreader attached to its bottom.

More about the Exhibit:

The Currier Museum of Art presents:
Abigail Anne Newbold: Crafting Settlement
March 30 - July 14, 2013
Crafting Settlement turns a museum gallery into a diorama of a fictional homestead on the fringes of modern society. Exquisitely custom-crafted objects, including modular dwelling structures inspired by the 19th-century farm architecture of New England, combine traditional craft techniques and modern materials to create a personalized brand of domesticity and self-sufficient living. This installation reclaims the value of quality construction and aesthetic integrity and comments on a history of utopian projects in search of alternatives to mainstream culture.

FIRST THURSDAY LIVE! with the artist Abigail Anne Newbold
Thursday, June 6, 5:30 - 7:30
Explore Crafting Settlement and bring your questions about artistic process and motivations to the artist, who will be available for questions throughout the evening.
First Thursday programs are free for everyone throughout the summer.

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How to take photo and add graphics and get a hot poster

It all starts with a photo. Set up a scene, get some great models to pose for you (friends and family are always a great resource), and then let the fun begin! Step 1: In Photoshop, use the pen tool to make white lines around the people or the elements of the photo that you want to use.     Step 2: Turn them and changed size and location ...
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The Perfect Storm

A stormy day at Lake Champlain. For all sailor...enter at your own risk. What people are saying... "Wow!" -Mary V Tegel "Fascinating picture! Sharing" -Anne Gray Liversidge "this is an amazing photo. Send it to the National Weather Bureau for the archives!" -Sally Ballin "This belongs on an art museum wall." -Urban Martin "This is an incredible pie...
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From The Devastation of Irene Emerges Hope for Rebuilding Vermont

A story of how one resident that began the long process of rebuilding after Irene flooded her home and left Wilmington VT devistated. Story by Nancy E. Berry • Photos by Carolyn Bates August-September 2013 • One doesn't often associate hurricanes with Vermont, but on August 28, 2011, the town of Wilmington—a picturesque, Nati...
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Summer is going to the dogs

It is the dog days of summer!

A Journey to Machias Seal Island

I am excited to share some of the amazing photographs that wildlife photographer, Lee Cordner has taken on a trip to Machias Seal Island. The island, in the Gulf of Maine, is home to a variety of wildlife, including the Atlantic Puffin.

LeeCordner-puffins-1307030491See more puffin images by clicking here.

Machias Seal Island: Wednesday at 6:45am

by Lee Cordner


Wednesday morning at 6:45am Chris and I arrived at Cutler for our second opportunity to land at Machias Seal Island (MSI).  We were unable to land the day before because of weather conditions.  The harbor is a working harbor, and it was socked in with fog like it had been the day before.  The plus this day was that it was not raining, and you could not see a lot of swell action on the shore.  We boarded our tour boat, Barbara Frost, by 7:45am and were heading out of the harbor with a landing skiff in tow.  That was a positive sign as compared to the day before, we had not had the landing skiff.

On the way out of the harbor we past a mature bald eagle perched in a tree, another good sign.  Out on the ocean it was still foggy, with light to no wind and a three foot swell left from the day before.   After about an hour of motoring we arrived at MSI.   The tide was low, so the potential for landing was better.  MSI, depending on where you read, is somewhere between 10  - 15 acres, has no trees, but in some areas it does have ground vegetation.  During the summer there are two lighthouse keepers, a handful of biologist doing studies on the birds, and at least 15,000 adult nesting birds.

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Taking a blast from the past and bringing it back to the future.

Featured in this month's Vermont Magazine, a home that has its roots in the past is restored to make the current owners feel right at home.

stewart-interior-architecture-carolyn-bates-photographerSee more of this Historic Farm House in my Online Flipbook. Just click here.

Idyllic Island Home

Story by Jordan Werner • Interior photos by Carolyn Bates
Vermont Magazine • July/August 2013

As it was restored, this grand old home revealed both its past and its potential for another family to live happily inside its walls.

I have encountered a house that seems to have a soul, and it is a kind one, an old one. It seems to wrap its unseen arms around you when you visit; it whispers its secrets to you, silently hoping that you will stay a while. When you visit it, this realization begins well before you arrive, when you cross a bay on Lake Champlain on the Route 2 causeway and notice that your pace is slowing. The islands you are nearing seem to be generating a sense of calm and relaxation…that’s when you know you are on “island time.” As I crossed the drawbridge, drove through North Hero, and finally rounded the corner at the gate of the Stewart residence, I couldn’t be sure that my car was still moving forward. One glimpse of the lake and the Stewarts’ old lake house, and I knew this story would be different from every house story I had written before.

stewart-interior-architecture-carolyn-bates-photographer-2  stewart-interior-architecture-carolyn-bates-photographer-3   

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