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A Spotlight on Landscape Architecture: A Garden and A Gate

What makes a landcape stand out from all the others?

In this case, it is a gate and the talent of Susan Els.


Read the story about how Susan made magic happen ...

I found the gate in the 80's on the side of the road in Amesbury, MA. It  was a "field gate" that came from an old estate in the area. I actually hesitated a bit at the price -- $150! It sat in our garage a couple of years, then moved with us to Vermont where it sat for another 10 years. While designing other people's gardens, my vision of the front entry was taking shape around the gate.

Two complementary desires propelled the design: first, I wanted a welcoming garden space that could be enjoyed by all my walking neighbors; then, a private interior garden that would be an extension of our home.

The lay of the garden was dictated by the white fir that had been awkwardly located by the original owner. The entry was shaped to give generous space to match the scale of the fir, highlight the gate and transform the awkwardness to a natural flow.

I knew I wanted standing stones to flank the gate and some kind of sculptural arbor-thing to hold the gate up. When it came time to do the garden, Ken Mills and I were working together and he very generously came on board, adding his vision of the beautiful Corinthian Granite pillars. He also set the boulders and did the doorstep landing.

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Take some time and enjoy the ocean view... Hampton Beach in NH

When walking around Hampton Beach in NH, there is so much to take in. The beach, the landscape, and the architecture are all around you. And then there is the sculpture. Just north of A street is the wonderful sculpture. It was surrounded by black fencing as though she were in prison, and landscape architects: ORW created a brand new home for her, ...
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WATER BOTTLE BAN SCULPTURE by Beth Haggart at our Vermont Statehouse!

Vermont Water Bottle Ban Sculpture: Editorial : Vermont Photographer Carolyn Bates

UVM and Rep Ginny Lyons supported the sculpture designed and made by Beth Haggart, artist, and art professor at UVM.  UVM banned all water bottles on their campus earlier this year and featured a two leg arch by Beth Haggart. This three leg arch has 3000 used, empty water bottles and old bicycle rubber tires, copper pipe, plastic tubing, and cardboard supporting the water bottles. Beth Haggart is a widely known artist for her creative use of Trash. 

Vermont Water Bottle Ban Sculpture: Editorial : Vermont Photographer Carolyn Bates Vermont Water Bottle Ban Sculpture: Editorial : Vermont Photographer Carolyn Bates Vermont Water Bottle Ban Sculpture: Editorial : Vermont Photographer Carolyn Bates

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Jan Blomstrann, President and CEO of NRG Systems featured on ReWiring Success

nrgbuilding vermont architectural photographer carolyn bates
Social Responsibility in Times of Financial Crisis . . . from an Interview with Jan Blomstrann, President and CEO of NRG Systems Posted on February 24, 2013 on ReWiring Success In 1987 NRG Systems formally acknowledged the effort Jan Blomstrann was contributing to the young company by bringing her on payroll. Founded in 1982 by David Blittersdorf, ...
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AIAVT Holds Its Largest Ever Annual Meeting At State House

AIAVT Holds Its Largest Ever Annual Meeting At State House Photos by Carolyn Bates
Design Awards Bash Breaks Attendance Records 12.12 AIAVT News: AIAVT’s largest group ever—130 members and their colleagues—got together at this year’s Annual Meeting and Design Awards, held at the elegant Vermont Statehouse in Montpelier on December 6. Attendees began celebrating with drinks and appetizers in the dining area, moved to the awe-inspi...
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Bringing Wilmington Vermont Back to Life

Wilmington Vermont - Photographer Carolyn Bates
Wilmington Pulls Together To Bring Its Historic Downtown Back To Life Vermont B/A A year and a half ago, Tropical Storm Irene ravaged many Vermont towns, including Wilmington. By January 2012, the Wilmington Fund VT was established and hard at work. Tamara and Dan Kilmurray, longtime second home owners, felt the losses and destruction of Wilmington...
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Moon and Historic Barn win Photo of the Day!!

Moon and historic Barn : Friends of mine found a dilapidated bank barn, you could see through. Turning it around, and putting it back together again, beam by beam, created this beautiful new home. What People are Saying David Jennings - "i keep coming back to this, find yourself an agent, you could retire on this shot." Lauren Morrill - "It's perfe...
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Featured Cover in Home & Cottages Magazine

We Got the Cover! To see more from this project, click here What People are saying: Zoë Barracano: "Where's the triple like button??!!" Orah Moore: "Carolyn you do a great job!" Carolyn Kingman Javick: "Fantastic! Congratulations! You are amazing at what you do!" Judith Versweyveld: "Beautiful work as always Carolyn and thanks so much for the birth...
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FULL MOON: Ten Star Class

I may have had frozen fingers, but look at what I learned how to shoot!

fullmoon-shelfarmmoon-13af CLB6092e-sh-full

Lenses on the Land by  Moonlight: Fabulous Class, Taught by Marshall Webb and Sebastian Ventrone, at Shelburne Farms tonight.
Click here to see more photos.

What was on the agenda?

We learned how to shoot sunset, moonrise and moonlight photography on a winter afternoon and evening. With this knowledge, I was able to photograph the Breeding barn, the porch at Shelburne Farms Inn, and on the land around the barn. Click on the thumbnails below and see my new photos.

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Make the Promise


Sandy Hook Promise

Here's the full petition:

Make the Promise

I Promise to honor the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  

I Promise to do everything I can to encourage and support common sense solutions that make my community and our country safer from similar acts of violence.

Sign here:


Learn More

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Amazing Video of Michael Hersch by Richard Anderson Productions

I recently came accross this video and thought that it was too amazing not to share. Enjoy! About the video: The Sudden Pianist trailer from Richard Anderson Documentary link: Composer and Pianist Michael Hersch The Sudden Pianist is the remarkable story of composer and pianist Michael Hersch. While much has been written about Hersch's gifts as a c...
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Done with Style: Anne Marie Brunet, CKD, CBD

AnneMarieBrunet-cichetti-12af CLB3977a-sh-web-srgb-1-wtrmk
Sheridan Interiors, Cornwall, ONT. Anne-Marie's creativity in solving architectural and interior design problems is ten star.  Working with her, as an architectural photographer, to photograph spaces she has designed since 2003, I highly respect her work. I was trained by several contractors to understand excellence in their work, so I look fo...
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These old bones will tell a story. Renovating one of Burlington’s historic homes.



Old Bones, New Energy

Renovating one of Burlington’s historic homes.

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It's All about Augie!

Read more about Augie on "I am ready for my close-up".
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Congratulations to Douglas Keister!

Smithsonian Acquires Sixty Selections From Douglas Keister's Historic Glass Negative Collection

 Lost and Found Again: Photos of African-Americans on the Plains


Douglas Keister has spent the past four decades traveling the country to photograph subjects as varied as architecture, folk art and cemeteries. Over the years, as he moved from his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska, to several different cities in California, he carted around a heavy box of 280 antique glass-plate negatives that he’d bought when he was 17 from a friend who’d found them at a garage sale. “I thought, ‘Why the heck am I keeping these things?’” he says.


See a section of the images by clicking here.

Read more about Doug's work on my blog post "Smithsonian to add John Johnson Photographs"

Incredible Historic Photographs taken by an African-American Photographer

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Photography *Flash*Back: 1997

Take a look at this film scan of a 4x5 from 1997! Credits: Michael Crane, GC; Roland Batten, architect; Stone counters by A&N Stoneworks .  
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Monty Rakusen, London Photographer

How he works (in his own words) I spend a lot of time looking.  Quite often I shoot with my camera tethered to a computer for greater accuracy and sometimes I shoot hand-held.  I build spontaneity and drama into my pictures.  I always work with an assistant and there is a team back in the studio, organising.  I go to meetings, c...
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Featured Work in the AIA Vermont Newsletter

aiavt awards state
See more of my photography in the AIA Vermont News for December 2012! AIA NEW ENGLAND 12.12 AIAVT News Since it would be nearly impossible to report on every aspect of the three-day event, this issue of A l AVT News recaps several highlights: AlANE: Overview & Thank You's Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger's Talk "History of Burlington" Session P...
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Featured Architect: Patrick Kane

Everything is Illuminated



This home will be one part of a 30 image display at the national AIA convention for 2013

** UPDATE! Home seen in Vermont Magazine! **

"Un-insulated Innovation"

A lakefront camp that makes the most of the summertime in the tradition of the good old days.

Vermont Magazine • Story by Jordan Werner • Photos by Carolyn Bates

It is often a mistake to make camps year-round [in terms of use],” states Patrick Kane. Patrick, an architect for Kane Architecture of East Hardwick, Vermont, wanted to avoid that mistake while he was designing this lakefront camp in the Northeast Kingdom. He set out to design a building that would be completely seasonal, connected to the outdoors, and essentially a balance between a classic-style building and one with a modern, innovative design. The camp’s owners had grown up spending their summers near this property and on the same lake. They were hoping to build a house that would remind them of their childhood visits and give their children a place to enjoy the same experiences in a rustic, inviting setting. Because they had grown up spending only the summertime in Vermont, the owners agreed with Patrick—they had no plans to spend time at the house in the winter, and it would seem strange and unnecessary to build the house with any notion of four-season use in mind.

Read the full article and download the PDF.

About Kane Architecture:

Kane Architecture provides a full range of architectural design services including programming, space planning, interior design and landscape architecture. The firm provides complete design, construction and bidding documentation and contract administration services. They work with clients tailoring designs to fit their programmatic and financial needs. A unique team of talented engineers and consultants is created for each project. We promote the use of regional materials, high energy efficiency standards and green technologies to maximize long-term affordability and aesthetic impact.

kane-12 CLB9107-sh-web-srgb

kane-12af CLB8995b-sh-web-srgb

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Great Blog!

When I come across a great blog like this, I just need to share it! Check out this post by "The Traveling Blonde." Takin’ on Thailand with Mom, Dad, and Santa Posted on January 5, 2013 Before the end of the program SIT gave us the return-to-civilization-culture-shock schpele, which I ignored because A. I wasn’t returning to the States just yet...
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