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Cherry Republic

Cherry Republic1-800-206-6949 (9 AM - 8 PM E.S.T.)

"Cherry Republic was started 22 years ago with a t-shirt sold from the trunk of my car. A few years later, after selling thousands of those t-shirts, I started selling cherry products with that same t-shirt design on the label of bags of Dried Cherries and Cherry Boomchunka Cookies. We now sell over 174 different cherry products. We have three stores, a large catalog and internet business, and we sell our products to 450 other stores in the midwest." (from

"The dried cherries are awesome! They are the first thing I grab when I am hungry. I find myself flipping through the catalogue and turning over the corner of most of the pages to mark items I want to buy." - Carolyn L. Bates

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