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Gun Sense VT: Supporting Background Checks for All

Gun Sense VT: Supporting Background Checks for All

On Sunday September 11th, Gun Sense VT supported the LGBT community while marching at the Gay Pride Parade parade in Burlington, VT. This grassroots organization is getting the word out about preforming background checks for all. This important gun control issue is one that the Democratic party in Vermont supports including Sue Minter, running for Governor, and Dave Zuckerman, running for Lieutenant  Governor.

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Vermonters for Common Sense Gun Laws: Historic Senate Vote of 20-8!

News Alert: The Senate just voted S. 141 forward 20-8. Your calls have made such a difference! Our voices have been heard loud and clear in the Vermont Senate. Sen John Campbell (left) and Sen Dick Sears (right)  Sears was head of judiciary committee that brought the bill through a long journey filled with may members dressed in orange fr...
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Vermonters for Common Sense Gun Laws

We all want to have our state of Vermont pass a law to have background checks done before anyone purchases a gun. Here are some of our members gathering at a recent get together.
Here are some of my other blog posts: Working Together to Keep Gun s Out of the Wrong H...
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Young Guns. Continuing the Conversation about Guns in Our Society.

Every other day a child is accidentally shot to death Very young children have a curiosity that will over rule all the safety instructions you have given to them even if they know the cartoon by NRA. It is important to re-inforce that if you see a gun: stop don’t touch leave the area tell and adult Young Guns: A Diane Sawyer Special The “20/20″ Rep...
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Working Together to Keep Guns Out of the Wrong Hands

Newtown Vigil
On March 4th, there will be a vote in Burlington about gun safety. There will be three charter change measures that will be voted on, including keeping guns out of bars, requiring guns to be safely stored when accessible to children, and allowing the police to temporarily confiscate guns when then is a suspicion of domestic violence. We need to mak...
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