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The Making of a Christmas Gift to You


This year's Christmas card is going to be something a little different. Not only will it be a Special Edition, but there will be an amazing poem from Jerry Johnson on the inside. Creating the card was a lot of fun and here is how I did it.

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Photoshop Tutorial: Working with Green Screen Bleeds


Take a look at my most recent time working with a green screen and flowers.

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Photoshop Tutorial Find! Using Photoshop to Create Digital Gobos

Digital Gobos
I found this great photoshop tutorial that I wanted to share. Take a look at how easy it is to make digital gobos in your next image! Using Photoshop to Create Digital Gobos by Mark S. Johnson Photography ( A gobo is a physical template made from glass, metal, or plastic that can be slipped inside (or placed in front of) a light...
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Fun with Photoshop! Fixing Camera Angle in Photoshop.


If I was able to Fly, then perhaps I would have been able to photograph this summer camp straight on. But without this ability, I was perched precariously on concrete steps that went like an expert ski slope. Not happy with this view, I played with free transform, and lots of extra layers of pieces and parts of the cottage, to finally make it look like I really was able to fly. Enjoy!

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Before and After: Vermont Hardware Store Photo Shoot

Hot off the press! Check out the before and after photos from my shoot at Express Appliance, Kitchen & More!

Express Appliance, Kitchen & More Exterior (Night)

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Learn from John Paul Caponigro this June in Burlington Vermont!

John Paul will be coming to Burlington, VT JUNE 29, 2014 to the Hotel Vermont from 10am -4pm Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info and to sign up. Fill out the online VPP Form. Sponsored by Vermont Professional Photographers . *** "I have taken several workshops with John Paul Caponigro and heard him speak on many occasions. He is a very kn...
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Photoshop Tips: Sharpen your image.

The one and ONLY way to sharpen your image. objective: sharpen image, without pixelization in clear areas, ie noise in sky   definition: sharpening an image: means to increase contrast between adjacent pixels so that the edges are more distinct   USING HIGH PASS  filters/other/high pass 1. Make a copy of your background layer. 2. Put...
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How to take photo and add graphics and get a hot poster

It all starts with a photo. Set up a scene, get some great models to pose for you (friends and family are always a great resource), and then let the fun begin! Step 1: In Photoshop, use the pen tool to make white lines around the people or the elements of the photo that you want to use.     Step 2: Turn them and changed size and location ...
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