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Wilmington Strong

Out of the Rubble: Wilmington Two Years After Irene Posted on Sep 27, 2013 • By Katherine P. Cox • Unless you were there, just by looking around, it’s hard to fathom that barely two years ago the heavy rains of Tropical Storm Irene unleashed devastating floodwaters that raged through Wilmington, ravaged downtown, and left no business untouched. But...
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Bringing Wilmington Vermont Back to Life

Wilmington Vermont - Photographer Carolyn Bates
Wilmington Pulls Together To Bring Its Historic Downtown Back To Life Vermont B/A A year and a half ago, Tropical Storm Irene ravaged many Vermont towns, including Wilmington. By January 2012, the Wilmington Fund VT was established and hard at work. Tamara and Dan Kilmurray, longtime second home owners, felt the losses and destruction of Wilmington...
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WILMINGTON, VERMONT: Recovering from Irene 1 year later.

WILMINGTON CLB7562d-sh-web-srgb
One year after the devastating Irene hurricane ruined all or part of every one of the 59 buildings in national historic registrar town of Wilmington, VT, flowers bloom in every pot, window box, and garden. With $12 million in damage, the recovery is not over yet. Buildings are still being renovated, bought and sold, and Ann Coleman , the artist who...
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Flood damaged building bought by new non-profit in Wilmington. The Wilmington Fund VT is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the recovery of Wilmington, Vermont. The Please donate to this fund! Wilmington is an awesome town. It is important to make note of the flood levels and river level. The water in the river rose 30 feet and ...
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The Past & Present: Wilmington, Vermont

Wilmington flood of 1938
  Historic Image of Wilmington (left); Image by Carolyn Bates 2011 (right) The town was founded around 1751 and was located at the top of Lisle Hill.  The fathers of the town later chose to locate down the hill by the river, casually referred to as “Mill Hollow”. There seems to be a big discrepancy whether the town was chartered in 1...
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Helping Families in Wilmington, VT

Deerfield Raging Water
With Devastation... A community comes together The Deerfield River Valley Human Web closed on 31 December 2011, and we want to thank the hundreds of people who together donated nearly $210,000.     And yes, even after all this flooding, there is a rainbow at the end. Want to help? Here is how. Deerfield River Valley Human Web These funds ...
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