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Liz Barbour's Cooking with flowers

On September 25th, Liz Barbour, author of Beautifully Delicious: Cooking with Herbs & Edible Flowers, held a lecture for the Burlington Garden Club of Vermont called COOKING WITH FLOWERS. The lecture was outstanding!

Our time spent with Liz, consisted of slide presentation of my edible gardens and a cooking demonstration and tasting of two recipes featuring herbs and edible flowers. I have already used some of her wonderful recipes from her latest book Beautifully Delicious and I Luv the knife she sold us. Rice cooked with Coconut Milk in special cooking pot; Raw salad with baby arugula, grated beets, butternut squash, red onion and several flower petals; Cauliflower used as pasta in alfredo sauce with roses.


About Liz Barbour

Liz is an entertaining communicator whose warm, relaxed approach tofood and cooking resonates with her students. With stories and instruction Liz shares her experiences as a working chef to demystify the cooking process for her students. She is a firm believer that any home cook can prepare fresh, flavorful meals with confidence if taught just a few basic but important skills.

Liz built her cooking career in a variety of Boston's catering and restaurant settings. After starting her family, she reentered the food world as a cooking instructor with Liz Barbour's Creative Feast. Her recipes and teaching style connected with her community, and Liz soon had a large following of loyal students. She is a regular guest on New Hampshire’s WMUR Cook’s Corner and her cooking demonstrations and recipes are featured in various publications including Where Women Cook, New Hampshire Magazine, the Nashua Telegraph, and The Hippo Press.

Liz is an avid home gardener and often uses her own fresh herbs and edible flowers in her cooking demonstrations and features photographs of her cottage-style garden in many of her programs. Her gardens have been featured in New Hampshire Magazine, New Hampshire Home, New Hampshire Chronicle and Colorado Home.With the popularity of her cooking classes, Liz was inspired to write her first cookbook Beautifully Delicious: Cooking with Herbs & Edible Flowers(Liz Barbour's, Creative Feast 2017). Her book is full of gorgeous photographs and contains over 60 of Liz’s favorite flavor-inspired recipes using herbs and edible flowers. Each easy-to-use recipe offers simple variations and step-by-step instructions to help create two or three different Beautifully Delicious meals.

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