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Front Porch Forum


Front Porch Forum hosts networks of online neighborhood forums that blanket metro areas. In our initial pilot, we cover all 19 towns of Chittenden County, Vermont with 130 forums and 16,000 households subscribe, including more than 40% of Burlington, Vermont's largest city.

Your neighborhood's forum is only open to the people who live there. It's free and requires no work from you. Simply join and receive occasional email newsletters written by your neighbors. Contribute messages as you like. It's all about helping neighbors connect.   More than 17,000 local households subscribe to FPF across 25 Vermont towns, including 40% of state's largest city.  Thanks to our launch sponsors in Grand Isle County and Starksboro.

Our flagship Five Sisters neighborhood::
      Households subscribed:  90%
      Members who posted recently:  50%
      Issues published per month:  25
      Members who review every issue:  98%
      Named a Top 10 U.S. neighborhood:  2006

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