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I am the victim of Home Improvement Fraud

I am owed $15,212 plus interest

To the Better Business Bureau of VT.
To the Attorney General of Vermont.
To Front Porch Forum.

I hired GNC, Great Northern Construction, to renovate my bathroom July 2017.  In the process I paid them  $21,777.50 in deposit fees for bathroom appliances and for GNC fees.  We were unable to come to an agreement on price and product.  The price was always over my budget. As a result they did NO work in my bathroom, or give me any appliances.

I asked for my fees to be returned to me Jan. 25, 2018.  GNC returned $3606.12 and said the rest of my fees belonged to them.  I hired Sandy Fead as a lawyer and GNC refused to negotiate, arbitrate, mediate.  GNC promised twice to return outstanding bathroom deposit returned via Granite Group and Benoure Plumbing to GNC of $6371.10 but never did.

I am representing myself now, as the lawyer's fees were extraordinarily high of $3450.  I seek the return of my fees paid to GNC minus the restocking fees and the initial payment from GNC of $3606.12 for a total of $15,212.16.  There should be a 12% interest included, as that is what I would have had to pay if I was in arrears to GNC according to their contracts. 

Interest for ten months is $1460
Refund to be paid in full
Refund of $16672.16 paid with a cashier's check to Carolyn L. Bates.  in Sept 2018
Refund of 12% interest for every subsequent month money is due of $182.50

These are criminal charges and they should be taken seriously.

The Vermont Statutes Online
Title 13 : Crimes And Criminal Procedure
Chapter 047 : Frauds

referring to (b)(1) ( B) ( i)

(b) A person commits the offense of home improvement fraud when he or she enters into a contract or agreement, written or oral, for $500.00 or more, with an owner for home improvement, or into several contracts or agreements for $2,500.00 or more in the aggregate, with more than one owner for home improvement, and he or she knowingly:

(1)(A) fails to perform the contract or agreement, in whole or in part; and

(B) when the owner requests performance or a refund of payment made, the person fails to either:

(i) refund the payment;

Read the legislation, by clicking here.

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