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Listen Up! A new way to look at children's books.

Listen Up! A new way to look at children's books.

Lifelines: Books That Bridge the Divide

PODCAST: Lifelines: Books That Bridge the Divide“In this podcast, we share conversations with librarians, educators, and readers about the children’s books that can be bridges across our cultural divides…the books that can open minds and the books that can be the lifeline a child needs to remember they’re not alone.” — Ann Braden and Saadia Faruqi


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And please spread the word: tell your friends, and leave a rating on iTunes or Stitcher so that others can find it. The more people who are thinking about these books and how we can bridge our cultural divides, the better.


If you’re an educator or librarian and have ideas about great ways to use books to bridge cultural divides, we’d love to hear from you! Together we can discuss what ideas you think should be included in a future episode, and we can explore potentially setting up an interview. Our goal is to have all voices at the table!


You can reach out to me on Twitter or here.

And you can reach out to Saadia on Twitter or through her website.


Meet the Hosts:
Saadia is a Pakistani-American author, an interfaith activist, cultural sensitivity trainer, and a mother of two.
Ann is a middle grade author, a community organizer, a former middle school teacher and a mother of two.

Ann BradenAbout Ann Braden

Ann Braden writes books about kids struggling to find their voice amidst the realities of life. She founded GunSenseVT, a grassroots group focused on championing the common ground on the issue of guns in Vermont, which recently helped pass landmark gun violence prevention legislation. She also founded the Local Love Brigade, which now has chapters all over the country sending love postcards to those who are facing hate. Ann is the co-host of the children’s book podcast, “Lifelines: Books that Bridge the Divide,” along with Pakistani American author Saadia Faruqi, and is a former middle school teacher. She lives in southern Vermont with her husband, two children, and two insatiable cats named Boomer and Justice. Ann’s debut novel The Benefits of Being an Octopus comes out in September 2018 from Sky Pony Press. Recommended for fans of Jason Reynolds’ Ghost, the novel explores the cultural divides around class and the gun debate through the eyes of one girl, living on the edges of society, trying to find her way forward.


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