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Shape Note Singing


The other day I was able to join the Sacred Harp Community of Vermont and take some photos. The experience was so great that I wanted to share with you the photos from that day and a note that I recieved.

"Wow, these are amazing photos!! It was so nice you were able to come to the singing yesterday! I saw you taking a few photos, but I had no idea you were hard at work doing such an incredible documentation of the day!

Our style of singing is usually really hard to capture in photos since the hands move so fast and there are usually big windows all around the room, turning people into silhouettes. There are many long-time singers who are photographers who take photos at singings and I must say I've rarely seen someone able to capture so many facial expressions, portraits and motion shots so beautifully! These photos look like they were taken by someone who has been in the singing community for years!!

Thank you SO much for taking these photos and sharing them with us."

-Anna Mays, Shape Note Singer

Shape Note / Sacred Harp singing is open and participatory. Anywhere in America (and beyond) where there is a sing... you are welcome. This site is dedicated to the "What" and "Where" of Shape Note singing so that anyone who wants to sing, can sing ... and is welcome!

Find out more about Sacred Harp Community of Vermont on Facebook!

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