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New Plan for City Hall Park Will Remove 60% of the Trees. Please Help Save Our Trees!

Do you want 39 of our remaining 56 trees taken down with the new City Hall Park redesign plan? And 1/3 of the park to be impermeable hardscape? Do you want this historic fountain to be replaced with a concrete FLAT splash pad, that could be used as a shower with a potential huge liability? Do you want over $3MIL of tax payer money to be spent doing...
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UPDATE: For a while we worked on stopping the mall from redeveloping to 160 ft, but decided that our fight should instead be redirected to the overal permanent zoning change that the city requested. You can still stay in the loop on Facebook, at the Stop the 14-Story Mall Page where can join in the discussion to find out news news, facts, strategy ...
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The Lights of Church St, Burlington, VT.

What can be better than capturing some fun images with my iPhone while walking down Church St, Burlington, VT at night!
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Vermont's Hot New Hair Salon

Take a look at the hottest new hair salon in Burlington! Shari Powers, the owner of Sequoia Salon, and her two Fantastic stylists Sarah Jean and Tabitha Fuller are excited to unveil the revitalized salon. They artistically blend new colors into your hair and style it so you feel great about yourself and your new “do”. Over the past year, Shari and ...
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Just the right fit.

  If you are looking for an awesome custom fit for your next sneaker purchase, look no further than Nancy Condit of Women's Source for Sports and Personal Fitness Interiors. Located in So Burlington, Vermont, her store is the best place to be. I was on the hunt for a new pair of sneakers and instantly thought of Nancy's store. When I went in, ...
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Visit to Little Hogback Farm for Maple Sugaring

We go to their Sugar House where they are using a state of the art machine to boil sap into syrup. And where they sell their yummy maple cream, syrup, t-shirts etc.

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Published on Apr 20, 2015

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Vermonters for Common Sense Gun Laws

We all want to have our state of Vermont pass a law to have background checks done before anyone purchases a gun. Here are some of our members gathering at a recent get together.
Here are some of my other blog posts: Working Together to Keep Gun s Out of the Wrong H...
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