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The Teahouse

Haynes & Garthwaite Architects They renovated the historic brick  house and added a beautiful new timberframe structure. Trees, large stone, unique wood designs on doors and cabinets, wonderful alive sun room alley, three sided wood fireplace.
About the Arc...
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Interiors with George Hubbard and Craftsmen Group VT


I am just so excited to be working again with one of my most favorite contractors from way back in my history…all the way back when we shot with Film!

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Cozy, Comfy, Cool

residential-interior-davis-barn-carolynbates-CLB4668.jpgInterior Designer: Susan Davis of Emmet Carter Interiors

Recently I was able to shoot a home that is actually a dairy barn renovated into a cool timberframe house. The overall interior is cozy and very warm. Susan also kept design of barn the same, and windows were added to keep the design flowing outside, too. The interior design of the house honors the history of the barn, but still has a modern feel.

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Archive Alert: English Inspiration

Architect is Sandy Vitzthum • Photos by Carolyn Bates About this Magazine: Feb-Mar 2003 • 120 pages • Vol. 9, No. 2 • Old House Interiors National architectural magazine now in its fifteenth year, covering period-inspired design 1700–1950. Commissioned photographs show real homes, inspired by the past but livable. Historical and interpretive rooms ...
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