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LAKE CHAMPLAIN: Clean Up with Floating Islands

Lake Carmi

Lake Champlain is heavily polluted with phosphate in some ares, with thick growths of algae. has a solution.

This solution is not just for larger lakes, but can be used for smaller bodies of water such as Lake Carmi.

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A View from Mount Philo Featured in Lake Champlain Committee Newsletter!

This stunning shot of the view from Mount Philo by Carolyn Bates is one of four featured in LCC's new note card sets.
Check out my photograph of the view from Mount Philo which is one of one of four featured in LCC's new note card sets! News from Lake Champlain Committee Miss being on or around the lake? You can view the lake year-round even when you're not lakeside with LCC's color note cards. An eight-card set includes two cards each of four different beautiful ...
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Are you ready to get hungry!

Essex Inn Food Photo by Carolyn Bates

Take a look in the Essex Inn on the Adirondack Coast, Essex NY and get ready to be hungry.

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SAS ARCHITECTS designs very COOL Postcard with my photo!

Behind the Scenes at ECHO with C Bates. Looks easy, doesn’t it?  Just arrive at party time, with sunset, and take one photo. Scene one:  June sunset, no party Scene two:  July, bar set up in front of view, two large plants in middle of people dining, bushes obscure view of party Scene three:  early Aug party is in the southern h...
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The Perfect Storm

A stormy day at Lake Champlain. For all sailor...enter at your own risk. What people are saying... "Wow!" -Mary V Tegel "Fascinating picture! Sharing" -Anne Gray Liversidge "this is an amazing photo. Send it to the National Weather Bureau for the archives!" -Sally Ballin "This belongs on an art museum wall." -Urban Martin "This is an incredible pie...
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