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Photo Safari 2015

Photo Safari 2015

Sandy Lawton, of Arro Design, Kirsten Seibert, of Broadleaf Landscape Architecture and I gave a PHOTO SAFARI, which included tours of Sandy and Kirsten's home and in their barn where they are building a new home, complete with beautifully colored concrete kitchen counters. Then we drove to see Sandy's fabric formed concrete TreeHouse, and Kirsten's well designed very steep sloped landscape with pergula, We had a magnificent lunch, and finally camera raw classes by Carolyn L. Bates Photography.

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PHOTO SAFARI  unique TREEHOUSE and PERGULA with LANDSCAPE led by CAROLYN L. BATES PHOTOGRAPHY For 1-4 people. $1200 Includes:  2 tours, a photographic lesson, lunch, and class review: 1. Designer and contractor Sandy Lawton of  Arro Design & Construction will give a tour of the treehouse, including  information about his uni...
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Take a little time and smell the flowers

Flowers at Flynn Garden Tour

18th Annual Flynn Garden Tour

The venerable Flynn Garden Tour brings you gardens great and small; suburban and country; meadow and woodland. And this year, we also celebrate art in the gardens. You’ll find lavishly planted five-acre hillsides that pack four seasons of flowers into shady ledges and homesteaders who are as fond of espaliered apples as egg-laying Muscovy ducks.

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