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Take some time and enjoy the ocean view... Hampton Beach in NH

When walking around Hampton Beach in NH, there is so much to take in. The beach, the landscape, and the architecture are all around you. And then there is the sculpture.


Just north of A street is the wonderful sculpture. It was surrounded by black fencing as though she were in prison, and landscape architects: ORW created a brand new home for her, so walkers could enjoy seeing her up close, and sitting next to her.


b2ap3_thumbnail_shells-3.png As I walked around, I noticed sitting areas everywhere for visitors to sit and enjoy the views. They even took consideration to have handicap accessible ramps to the beach. You can tell that this is a place that cares about the people who live here and their visitors.

What was also a big relief was the numerous pergolas scattering the landscape. They offered much needed shade during the day. Through the slats and architectural elements of the pergolas, you were able to see the shadows cast giving added textural interest to an already beautiful landscape. At night the pergolas and walkways were lit with the latest LED lights to provide a safe sitting area by the ocean. In fact, all of the lighting chosen around the area used LED lights  giving a clean light that also gives a small footprint  just where the light is needed.

b2ap3 thumbnail shells-5ORW: Landscape Architects and Planners

ORW Landscape Architects and Planners is an interdisciplinary design firm located in White River Junction, Vermont.  We are committed to design solutions that promote a more sustainable environment and preserve the integrity of the natural and cultural landscape. Find out more on

Contact: 46 South Main Street, PO Box 65
White River Junction,Vermont 05001
Phone: 802.359.4070

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