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The New Champlain Bridge

The New Champlain Bridge

Sometimes one just takes a day off to play. It rained today, all day. For a few moments the sun tried to be seen. My great photographer friend Peter Larsen and I hung around the new glorious Champlain Bridge, In Addison Country, Vermont. I tweaked RAW really hard, in photoshop CS5 later, just to see what it could do to completely ruin my favorite image.  To my surprise, I actually found something I liked, and played a bit with it just to make it really glow. There are five foot walking paths on either side, so do go down and and spend a day there.  Have lunch, go to the museum, and walk in the rain.

What People are saying:

Patricia Pomerleau: Love it Carolyn!

Mary Claire Carroll: Love this shot! Never know what can happen when you take off a day to play.

Rebecca Mueller: This is beautiful. I look forward to visiting the new structure soon!

Tim Palmer: What a great picture! I love the new bridge.

Frederick Lane: Dramatic shot.

Therese Taylor: My favorite bridge, past and present. Beautiful, Carolyn!   

Jane Horowitz Michaud cool picture carolyn       

Lee Krohn: Magnificent! Thanks for sharing.   

Carol Hanley: Nice, Carolyn! Don't you love the sidewalks? (And people do use them!)

Erik Filkorn: Can I share this (with credit) on the VTRANS site

Denny Pratt: Is the ferry still happening? Loved that ferry!

Margaret Robertson: That's one of the best bridge photos I've ever seen.

Kendra Gratton: THAT IS WONDERFUL!

Sue Ellen Pak: Wow! It is lovely!

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