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AIAVT & CSI-VT Present ACX Conference

AIA Vermont and the Construction Specifications Institute, Vermont Chapter (CSI-Vermont) held their second annual joint ACX architecture and construction expo on May 20-21. The one- and one-half-day event, focused this year on “Resiliency: Is it the New Sustainability?” was held at the Hilton Hotel in Burlington. Nearly 120 architects, specificatio...
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A night with Peter Joshua Burroughs and Carlos Rodriguez

Vermont Tenor, Peter Joshua Burroughs and Venezuelan Pianist, Carlos Cesar Rodriguez presented an eclectic mix of vocal and piano music including opera, art song, musical theatre and Argentinian Tango. The two sang, laughed, danced, and turned the piano into "fire" today at the First Baptist Church in Burlington. Tears streamed from our eyes as the...
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Take a stroll through the flowers...


All gathered for a relaxing day strolling through nine private gardens surrounding the villages of Jericho and Underhill, open to ticket-holders for just one day. At the end of the tour everyone was invited to afternoon tea in a secluded spot off the beaten path that opens wide to formal and cottage gardens, wild plantings and water lily pond.

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Concrete Asymmetrical Forms

Sandy Lawton, Arro Design, artist.

Made with fabric or road cloth, created a wonderful set of stairs that you walk down, then up, then down, then up, and look all around, to see what you can see...

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Bernie Sanders and The Legend of the Pothole Bandit


What would you do if you saw a pothole? If you were the Pothole Bandit, you might just plant a tree in one.

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Photoshop Tutorial: Working with Green Screen Bleeds


Take a look at my most recent time working with a green screen and flowers.

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Photo Safari 2015

Photo Safari 2015

Sandy Lawton, of Arro Design, Kirsten Seibert, of Broadleaf Landscape Architecture and I gave a PHOTO SAFARI, which included tours of Sandy and Kirsten's home and in their barn where they are building a new home, complete with beautifully colored concrete kitchen counters. Then we drove to see Sandy's fabric formed concrete TreeHouse, and Kirsten's well designed very steep sloped landscape with pergula, We had a magnificent lunch, and finally camera raw classes by Carolyn L. Bates Photography.

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New Video! The Shelburne Point Residential Project

See more of my videos on the YouTube Channel !
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Where flowers bloom ...

Peonies by Mary Oliver    This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting ready  to break my heart  as the sun rises,  as the sun strokes them with his old, buttery fingers     and they open ---  pools of lace,  white and pink ---  and all day the black ants climb over them,   ...
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Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign Kick-off!

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to whip out my iPhone for this video - Waterfront Park, Burlington, Vermont on May 26, 2015. See more of my videos on the YouTube Channel !
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New Video! Gone Swimmin'

...and I forgot my cellphone! See more of my videos on my YouTube Channel !
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New Video! Artful Living Artful Living in the Art-Filled Home of Stephen and Genese

Enter the home of Stephen and Genese and experience living in an art-filled home. See more of my videos on my YouTube Channel !
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New Video! Lost Shul Mural

This mural was made over 100 years ago. In the 1970's -1980's Aaron Goldberg found out about the mural and finally covered it up with the dream of restoring it.

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Travel through the lens of Olivia Wolf


Take a journey with Olivia Wolf as she shares images from her travels around the world, including Machu Pichu, Brice Canyon in Utah, and her hometown of Burlington Vermont.

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Mom at 97

My Mom

WOW! Can you believe my mom is 97!!!

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Travel back to the 1970's with Ron Pownall and Elton John

Check out this amazing photos of ELTON JOHN by my friend and photographer Ron Pownall! Recently I read an article by Joe Fox on cuepoint that featured my friend Ron Pownall's photography of Elton John. The images are amazing and the article is really interesting as well. Take a look and travel back into 70s Rock 'n' Roll.     Elton John: ...
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PHOTO SAFARI  unique TREEHOUSE and PERGULA with LANDSCAPE led by CAROLYN L. BATES PHOTOGRAPHY For 1-4 people. $1200 Includes:  2 tours, a photographic lesson, lunch, and class review: 1. Designer and contractor Sandy Lawton of  Arro Design & Construction will give a tour of the treehouse, including  information about his uni...
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New Video! Celebrate Diversity

See more of my videos on my YouTube Channel !
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Photoshop Tutorial Find! Using Photoshop to Create Digital Gobos

Digital Gobos
I found this great photoshop tutorial that I wanted to share. Take a look at how easy it is to make digital gobos in your next image! Using Photoshop to Create Digital Gobos by Mark S. Johnson Photography ( A gobo is a physical template made from glass, metal, or plastic that can be slipped inside (or placed in front of) a light...
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Visit to Little Hogback Farm for Maple Sugaring

We go to their Sugar House where they are using a state of the art machine to boil sap into syrup. And where they sell their yummy maple cream, syrup, t-shirts etc.

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Published on Apr 20, 2015

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