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Charitable organizations get Vermont Barn photo

A two hundred old barn, picked up, rotated 180 degrees, and set back down, then carefully renovated by MJ and Dan Davis, is my pick of the year to give as a donation print to 2 local charities.   Photo Garden will do the framing, as a donation, too.
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Christmas a la 1939 stove

Spices, stirring, wine, music, heating, tasting, more wine, and the gravy was superb. Candles, laughing, forgot the beans, pears with lake champlain chocolates, dark, dark chocolate sauce, singing, prayers of thank you.  And  Merry Merry Christmas to All.
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Flynns Party

and Here they are.  Great party. Great red wall, too!  Framing is a new adventure
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Harley Davidson night scene

Homestead Design,Inc , with architect John Hauser, designed and built the hot motorcycle shop in Williston for Harley Davidson, and I got to take the photographs. Rachel and I played a bit with images.  "r'r'r'r'r'r'sssssss
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VT ASLA Christmas Party in Motion

Everyone was swaying together while Rachel and I took these photos.  Great fun!
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Christmas Portraits Pt 2

Brotherly Sisterly love
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Christmas Portraits Pt 3

We love each other, yes we do.
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DEALER.COM wins major design/construction award

I had a great time taking photos of the incredible renovation of the former plastics factory into a very exciting new office space. Architect, Tyler Scott , Contractor, Tom Mackin.  It "lives" right down the street from me. TFM Construction was founded by Thomas Mackin on March 17, 1998.  Since then the company has grown to be a major fac...
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Merry Christmas to All

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with sunshine and goodies filling your pockets all year. Ms Sally modeled for me and Rachel held the treats.
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Burlington High School Play

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Christmas Portraits

Fun with the neighborhood parents, kids and dogs.
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Fishing Lake Champlain

When the fishing gets slow it's time for a game of fetch the stick.
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Vermont Painted Theatre Curtain in Cabot

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Lady Dickens & Karen

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